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Getting Started

This guide provides an overview of what BIG is, how to use it, and who it is for.

If you are a member of an industry association, talk to your membership team about a subscription plan that provides full functionality and purchase of Australian Standards and our Best Practice Waterproofing Guides - Book 1-4.
If you are not a member, you can purchase subscription plans and add-on packs from our Subscriptions page.


Who is BIG for?

BIG is the Building information Gateway, a comprehensive tool for reference materials in the Australian building and construction industry. It is designed for all industry participants who are concerned about quality outcomes.

How do I use BIG?

To see how to use BIG, refer to the information below. Read our FAQs, covering your Workspace, Annotations, and Bookmarks. Watch the tutorial videos below on subscribing, searching, filtering, saving, sharing, annotating and bookmarking documents and viewing Collections.

What is BIG about?

BIG features a wide range of reference materials, news articles and an online store. It provides an online collaborative Workspace where your team can save, share, and annotate documents. It is unique to the industry.

But why BIG?

BIG was created following requests from the industry. Read the About us page to learn the background, the future of BIG, and why you should take advantage of what we offer. See below just some of the comments we received prior to the inception of BIG.

Getting Around

There are many ways of getting around BIG, navigating is easy!  As a starting point, use the links below for more information. 


The Supervisor

The building commissioner visits a site, and asks the site supervisor if he has access to the current NCC and Australian Standards. He opens BIG and shows he has all the information he needs. It's up-to-date, and right at his fingertips!


The Waterproofer

A waterproofing contractor has access to easy-to-read Waterproofing Guides to do the best possible job and avoid common defects. She opens BIG and refers to saved bookmarks with detailed notes and real-world examples for each job.


The Builder

A builder buys the Building Essentials set for the most commonly referenced Australian Standards. He saves a copy of the standards for each job, and his team collaborate with annotations and sharing to ensure it gets done properly.   


Tutorial Videos

Learn how to master the key concepts and get the most out of your subscription through this series of tutorial videos


How to invite users to a subscription

How to annotate resources

How to search and filter resources

How to purchase add on packs and assign to users

How to use the workspace and folders

How to purchase add on packs and assign to users

How to bookmark resources

Because we listened to what you said.


Here are some comments from the industry before we launched BIG:


"The cost to contractors currently for NCC & more so Australian Standards is outrageous. If Builders & subcontractors could have access at a reasonable cost this would encourage all to utilise & update on a more regular basis."
"We are professional engineers. We use the NCC and Standards to train builders/contractors to improve their work and lift their skills. Some contractors have never seen a standard or NCC in their life. Yet they are required to comply."
"Standard are very expensive and most stubbies won't pay the cost therefore, remain ignorant. This is a major reason why waterproofing failures are so high."
"Access to the Standards would be great given they are quite often referenced however, given the cost they are rarely accessed. The availability of this material would significantly improve the standard of our projects and ensure they are being built to the correct standards."
"Access to Australian Standards should not be as expensive as it is."


Ready to get started?