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Book 1 - Guide to Internal Wet Area Waterproofing

Master Builders NSW

Version:  2017 Revised Edition.  (Current)
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A guide to internal wet areas waterproofing.

Wet areas can be generally defined as:

1)  Bathroom and ensuite.

2)  Laundries & WCs (powder rooms).

3)  Other areas such as kitchens, steam rooms or saunas where free water may cause undue damage to the structure and unhealthy conditions.


This document is intended as a guide to waterproofing internal wet areas in dwelling construction. The guidelines are general and refer to typical applications only. No part of this document is intended to override or supersede manufacturer’s instructions, specifications, or architectural and engineering specifications or the National Construction Code and Australian Standards. Advice from qualified professionals and / or the manufacturer should be sought if there is an apparent conflict between the guidelines and not override any legislative requirements of the States and Territories.

Table of contents:

Chapter 1: Waterproofing System
Chapter 2: Identification Of Area To Be Waterproofed
Chapter 3: Waterproofing System Selection
Chapter 4: Membrane Selection Table
Chapter 5: Material Compatibility
Chapter 6: Acoustics
Chapter 7: Prepare For Waterproofing Installation
Chapter 8: Priming
Chapter 9: Bond Breakers And Fillets
Chapter 10: Applying Membrane To Primed Surfaces
Chapter 11: Bath And Shower Installation
Chapter 12: Hobless Shower - Tiling And Fitting Screen
Chapter 13: Tiling
Chapter 14: Shower Screen Placement
Chapter 15: Aged Care Bathroom Vinyl Floor Details
Chapter 16: Efflorescence Control
Chapter 17: Waterproofing System Failures
Chapter 18: Wet Area Leak Detection
Chapter 19: Examples Of Defective Installation
Chapter 20: The Waterproofing Process
Chapter 21: Plant, Tools And Equipment
Chapter 22: Checklists, Inspections And Quoting Sheets
Chapter 23: Glossary Of Terms
Appendix 1: Tables And Illustrations

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