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Building Act 1993 (VIC)

Victorian Government

Version:  2024.  (Current)
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Publication date
28 February 2024
Current status

VIC legislation.

The main purposes of this Act are:

(a) to regulate building work and building standards; and
(b) to provide for the accreditation of building products, construction methods, building components and building systems; and
(c) to provide an efficient and effective system for issuing building and occupancy permits and administering and enforcing related building and safety matters and resolving building disputes; and
(d) to regulate building practitioners, building employees and plumbers; and
(da) to regulate builders, and enforce offences under the Domestic Building Contracts Act 1995, in relation to demanding or receiving money under a major domestic building contract if the builder has not ensured that the domestic building work to be carried out under the contract is covered by domestic building insurance within the meaning of that Act; and
(e) to regulate plumbing work and plumbing standards; and
(f) to provide for the accreditation, certification and authorisation of plumbing work, products and materials; and
(g) to regulate cooling tower systems; and
(h) to limit the periods within which building actions and plumbing actions may be brought.



Part 1: Preliminary
Part 2: Building Standards
Part 3: Building Permits
Part 4: Inspection Of Building Work
Part 5: Occupation Of Buildings And Places Of Public Entertainment
Part 6: Private Building Surveyors
Part 7: Protection Of Adjoining Property
Part 8: Enforcement Of Safety And Building Standards
Part 9: Liability
Part 10: The Building Appeals Board And Its Jurisdiction
Part 11: Registration Of Building Practitioners
Part 11A: Licensing Of Building Employees
Part 12: Building Administration
Part 12A: Plumbing Work
Part 13: General Enforcement Provisions
Part 14: General
Schedule 1: Building Regulations
Schedule 2: Procedures For Building Permits And Occupancy Permits
Schedule 3: Membership And Procedure Of Boards
Schedule 4: Transitional Provisions
Schedule 5: Infringement Offences
Schedule 6: Transitional Provisions Relating To The Building (Plumbing) Act 1998
Schedule 7: Transitional And Savings Provisions Relating To The Building And Planning Legislation Amendment (Governance And Other Matters) Act 2013
Schedule 8: Transitional And Savings Provisions Relating To The Building Legislation Amendment (Consumer Protection) Act 2016
Schedule 9: House Contracts Guarantee Act 1987
Schedule 10: Transitional And Savings Provisions Relating To The Building Amendment (Enforcement And Other Measures) Act 2017
Schedule 11: Transitional And Savings Provisions Relating To The Building And Environment Protection Legislation Amendment Act 2020

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