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Building Regulations 2018 (VIC)

Victorian Government

Version:  2024.  (Current)
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Publication date
1 February 2024
Current status

The objectives of these Regulations are—

(a) to remake with amendments the regulations which control the design, construction and use of buildings and places of public entertainment; and
(b) to prescribe standards for the construction and demolition of buildings; and
(c) to prescribe standards of safety for places of public entertainment; and
(d) to regulate matters relating to the use and maintenance of buildings and places of public entertainment; and
(e) to prescribe requirements for the design, siting and access requirements for single dwellings and associated buildings and for small second dwellings; and
(f) to prescribe standards and matters relating to the maintenance of fire safety and safety measures; and
(g) to prescribe requirements for swimming pools and spas including—
(i) swimming pool and spa safety; and (ii) registration of swimming pools and spas; and
(iii) inspection of swimming pools and spas; And
(iv) prescribing maximum fees relating to the registration of, lodgement of documents and information searches relating to, swimming pools and spas; and
(h) to provide for matters relating to the accreditation of building products, construction methods, designs, components and systems connected with building work; and
(i) to prescribe qualifications and provide for other matters relating to registration of building practitioners; and
(j) to prescribe fees in relation to matters before the Building Appeals Board, the Authority and the Building Regulations Advisory Committee; and
(k) to provide for other matters for the purposes of the Building Act 1993.



Part 1: Preliminary
Part 2: Building Code Of Australia
Part 3: Owner-Builders
Part 4: Building Permits
Part 5: Siting, Design And Access Requirements
Part 6: Projections Beyond Street Alignment
Part 7: Protection Of Adjoining Property And The Public
Part 8: Building Work
Part 9: Fire Safety Requirements
Part 9a: Safety Requirements For, Registration Of, And Certification Of Barriers For, Swimming Pools And Spas
Part 10: Designation Of Special Areas For Building Work
Part 11: Bushfire Safety
Part 12: Inspections, Notices And Orders, And Register Of Powers Of Entry
Part 13: Occupancy Permits And Certificates Of Final Inspection
Part 14: Places Of Public Entertainment
Part 15: Maintenance Of Buildings And Places Of Public Entertainment
Part 16: Existing Buildings

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