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Implementation Guidelines to the Victorian Code of Practice for the Building and Construction Industry

Victorian Government

Version:  2014.  (Available Superseded)
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Publication date
1 July 2014
Current status
Available Superseded

The National Code of Practice for the Construction Industry (the National Code) was developed in 1997 jointly by the Commonwealth, state and territory governments.

The National Code contains industrial relations, occupational, health, safety and rehabilitation (OHS&R) and workforce reform elements that are adopted by the Victorian Government’s Code of Practice for the Building and Construction Industry (the Victorian Code).

These Implementation Guidelines (Guidelines) have been developed to further assist in the achievement of the objectives of the Victorian Code and in particular, the industrial relations, OHS&R and workforce reform elements as adopted from the National Code.

These Guidelines reflect the Victorian Government’s commitment to greater flexibility and productivity within the State’s building and construction industry and to ensure that the Victorian Government maximises value for money on its spending on infrastructure projects.

In particular, these Guidelines are directed to supporting the following outcomes:

• Compliance
Compliance with the law, without exception.
• Productivity
Projects should be delivered on time and within budget.
• Safety
Parties should achieve and maintain high standards in occupational health and safety.
• Freedom of association
Parties must recognise the right of individuals to be or not be involved in lawful industrial activity and to be free from harassment in relation to workplace relations matters.

2. Definitions
3. Application And Scope
4. Legal And Related Obligations
5. Workplace Arrangements And Over-Award Payments
6. Cost, Efficiency And Productivity
7. Project Agreements
8. Dispute Settlement, Industrial Action And Strike Pay
9. Workplace Safety
10. Freedom Of Association, Right Of Entry, Site Security And Drug And Alcohol Testing
11. Victorian Government Oversight And Administration Of These Guidelines
12. Transitional Arrangements
Treasury and Finance
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