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Maintenance and Repair of Older Buildings in South Australia

Department for Environment and Heritage

Version:  2008.  (Current)
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Publication date
23 July 2008
Current status

This publication provides basic advice to owners and managers/custodians of older buildings. It covers essential maintenance issues and provides a guide to problem solving. It is intended as a starting point and does not replace expert professional advice. It aims to:

• help you develop a basic program of routine, seasonal maintenance tasks
• encourage you to be observant - to notice a developing or potential problem early and not ignore it in the hope it will go away
• let you know what to look for and alert you to the tell-tale signs of an impending problem
• guide you in what you can do yourself, and when you should seek professional advice
• help you better understand the advice you receive from professionals and contractors, as a basis for assessing the merits and pitfalls of various approaches and making sound decisions about the care of your property
• encourage you to consider how any work done to the place might impact on its cultural significance, and how the conservation of its cultural value can best be achieved.

The Heritage Branch of the Department for Environment and Heritage provides a free professional advisory service on all matters – including conservation and maintenance – relating to State Heritage Places, or to places located within a State Heritage Area. A number of councils employ Heritage Advisers who can give professional advice in relation to State or Local heritage places. Alternatively, a professional consultant specialising in heritage conservation can be engaged. Contact your local Council or the Heritage Branch for further information.



1: Introduction
2: Routine Maintenance
3: The Building's Exterior
4: The Building's Interior
5: Out Of Sight - Out Of Mind?
6: Technical Supplement
7: Further Reading

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