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NCC 2019 BCA Guide Amendment 1

Australian Building Codes Board

Version:  2019 Am 1  (Superseded)
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Publication date
February 2019
Current status
NCC 2019 Volume One

The Guide is a companion manual to Volume One. It is intended as a reference book for people seeking clarification, illustrations, or examples, of what are sometimes complex BCA provisions.

The two books should be read together. However, the comments in this Guide should not be taken to override the BCA. Unlike the BCA, which is adopted by legislation, this Guide is not called up into legislation. As its title suggests, it is for guidance only. Readers should note that States and Territories may have variations to BCA provisions. This Guide does not cover those variations. For advice on these matters contact your State or Territory building control administration.

This Guide covers only Volume One of the BCA and primarily deals with Class 2 to Class 9 buildings. Volume Two of the BCA contains guidance notes throughout and diagrams and hence is not included in the Guide.

To assist readers, most of the information in this Guide — including section headings, abbreviations and symbols — is formatted as closely as possible to that in the BCA.

The Guide generally explains the intent behind the provisions, and why building proponents, need to meet such standards. For example, the Guide clarifies why certain fire-resistance levels (FRLs) are required. It also assists readers by referring them to other related topics or sections in the Guide.

Not all the provisions in the BCA are covered in the Guide. Those not dealt with have been found to be self-explanatory. The Guide contains a number of examples — some written, others in diagram form — which help illustrate provisions. These examples are not absolute, as they cannot take into account every possible permutation of a building proposal. Again, they are intended as a guide only. Other provisions of the BCA must be complied with.

The information in this Guide is provided by the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) and is intended as an information service primarily for building professionals.

Because the Guide does not have regulatory force, the ABCB does not accept any responsibility for its contents when applied to specific buildings or any liability which may result from its use.



Copyright And Licence Notice
Section A: Governing Provisions
Section B: Structure
Section C: Fire Resistance
Section D: Access And Egress
Section E: Service And Equipment
Section F: Health And Amenity
Section G: Ancillary Provisions
Section H: Special Use Buildings
Section I: * * * * *
Section J: Energy Efficiency
Schedule 3: Definitions
Schedule 4: Referenced Documents
Schedule 5: Fire-Resistance Of Building Elements
Schedule 6: Fire Hazard Properties

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Australian Building Codes Board
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NCC 2019 BCA Guide Amendment 1