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Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2017 (VIC)

Victorian Government

Version:  2017.  (Current)
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Publication date
11 July 2023
Current status


The objectives of these Regulations are—

(a) to further the objects of the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 by—
(i) providing for health and safety in relation to workplaces and hazards, activities and things at workplaces; and
(ii) providing for the management of asbestos-containing materials in workplaces, the removal of asbestos, and the licensing of asbestos removalists; and
(iii) providing for the safe operation of major hazard facilities and mines in order to reduce the likelihood of a serious incident occurring; and
(iv) specifying training requirements for certain persons engaged in construction work at workplaces; and
(v) providing for the licensing of certain persons engaged in high risk work at workplaces; and
(vi) providing procedures for the resolution of health and safety issues at workplaces; and
(vii) specifying the information to be included in entry permits issued under Part 8 of the Act; and
(viii) providing for other matters that are required or permitted by the Act or that are necessary to give effect to the Act; and
(b) to further the objects of the Dangerous Goods Act 1985 by—
(i) prohibiting the use of asbestos; and
(ii) providing for the protection of property from damage from the use of dangerous goods at major hazard facilities.



Chapter 1—Preliminary
Chapter 2—General Duties And Issue Resolution
Chapter 3—Physical Hazards
Chapter 4—Hazardous Substances And Materials
Chapter 5—Hazardous Industries
Chapter 6—Licensing And Registration
Chapter 7—Administrative Matters And Exemptions
Chapter 7A—Workplace Incidents Consultative Committee
Chapter 7B—Enforcement
Chapter 8—Saving And Transitional Provisions
Schedule 1—Revocation Of Regulations
Schedule 2—Plant Requiring Registration Of Design
Schedule 3—High Risk Work Licence Classes
Schedule 4—Pressure Equipment For Which High Risk Work Licence Is Not Required
Schedule 5—High Risk Work—Competency Requirements
Schedule 6—Hazardous Substances Prohibited For Specified Uses
Schedule 7—Classification Of Mixtures
Schedule 8—Disclosure Of Ingredients In Safety Data Sheets
Schedule 9—Hazardous Substances—Requirements For Health Monitoring
Schedule 10—Prohibited Carcinogenic Substances
Schedule 11—Restricted Carcinogenic Substances
Schedule 12—Information Required To Be Included In An Asbestos Control Plan
Schedule 13—Information Required To Be Included In A Notice Of Asbestos Removal Work
Schedule 14—Materials And Their Threshold Quantities
Schedule 15—Additional Matters To Be Included In Major Hazard Facility Safety Management System
Schedule 16—Matters To Be Included In Major Hazard Facility Emergency Plan
Schedule 17—Additional Matters To Be Included In Major Hazard Facility Safety Case
Schedule 18—Information To Be Included In A Notice Under Regulations 360 And 423A Or An Application For Registration Under Regulation 514
Schedule 19—Entry Permit Statement
Schedule 20—Infringement Offences And Infringement Penalties
1 General Information
2 Table Of Amendments
3 Explanatory Details

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