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Supervising your apprentice or trainee: A guide for workplace supervisors

NSW Government

Version:  2021.  (Current)
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Publication date
August 2021
Current status

Apprenticeships and traineeships offer workers the opportunity to study, gain practical skills and earn an income while obtaining a nationally recognised qualification.

They can be undertaken by anyone of working age and can be completed full-time, part-time or while at school.

Your organisation will sign a formal Training Contract with your learner who will work and learn under your supervision.

Training Services NSW within the NSW Department of Education administers these contracts.

As part of this contract, you and your learner will choose a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) to deliver the formal training.

You can choose from TAFE NSW, an adult or community education provider, a private provider or the learner’s high school. In conjunction with the RTO, you’ll decide whether your learner’s formal training is undertaken in your workplace, in the classroom, online or as a combination of all three.

Your learner will then gain knowledge and develop new skills through a combination of hands-on workplace training and formal study. After successfully completing their apprenticeship or traineeship, your learner will be issued with a nationally recognised qualification by the RTO and receive a Certificate of Proficiency from the Department of Education.



Section 1: Leading The Way
Section 2: Apprenticeships And Traineeships
Section 3: Who Is Involved
Section 4: Your Learner’s Role
Section 5: Your Role As A Supervisor
Section 6: Workplace Induction
Section 7: Duty Of Care And Safety
Section 8: Bullying And Harassment
Section 9: Mental Health
Section 10: Training Plan
Section 11: Six Steps To Effective Coaching
Section 12: Learning Styles
Section 13: Cultural Diversity
Section 14: Understanding Aboriginal Learners
Section 15: Keeping Things On Track
Section 16: Assessment
Section 17: Completion
Section 18: How We Can Help
Section 19: Resources
Section 20: TSNSW Regional Centres

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