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Getting started with searching and saving

We are eager to innovate and educate the building and construction industry throughout Australia. 

As a new user of BIG, you may be wondering what this means. We’ll cover a few important areas so you can get started on our most fundamental differences.


Try to search for a title, keyword, phrase, or other terms in the search bar at the top of the page. The search results are prioritised for you. They will show page-specific results so you can go straight to the most relevant page in the document viewer.


Select a resource or page in the search results to view the document. You can navigate by entering a page number at the bottom of the document viewer or you can open the left sidebar to navigate via the thumbnail or outline of that document. You can also search for words and phrases in the document from the right sidebar. You can also just browse through the document.

If you have a BIG subscription plan, you can save, bookmark and view recent resources.


When you are logged in you have the option of saving a resource to a folder in your Workspace page. You can add folders based on project, date, year, person or topic, it's your choice. You can add copies of resources to folders for everyone in your team to access as previews or with full-access if they are assigned to that add-on subscription.


Open the left sidebar of the document viewer to create a new bookmark or use an existing one.

Check out our demo videos as well as the FAQ, to find out more. You can always contact us for help or further information.
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