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Priority Users in BIG

The Building Information Gateway (BIG), the online library for the building and construction industry in Australia, has introduced new functionality designed for large organisations called "Priority Users". This feature is aimed at saving money for organisations by allowing all users in a Platinum or other large Subscription plans, to access the Australian Standards and other documents included in their add-on pack subscriptions.
With Priority Users, organisations can designate certain individuals as ‘priority users’. These users will always have access to the documents they need, without having to wait for access or worry about running out of concurrent licenses.
This new functionality is particularly beneficial for large organisations with a significant number of employees who require access to important documents, including architects, engineers, and builders. By allowing all users to access the documents in their add-on pack subscriptions, organisations can ensure that everyone has access to the information they need, without having to purchase expensive subscriptions. 
Large organisations currently have the option to access the NCC Primary References Set Large, providing them with access to over 200 standards and supplements. Alternatively, they can choose the Primary Plus option, which not only includes all of the aforementioned content but also historical versions, future amendments, and supplements.
On the My Organisation page, a subscription manager can set a "timeout" period of inactivity, which specifies the amount of time that must pass before a new user can access a document that was recently used by another user. Additionally, all users have the option to “request access” to their documents by sending an email to the current users.
Importantly, by designating priority users, organisations can ensure that their critical employees have uninterrupted access to the documents they need to perform their job function. Priority users get instant access, even if a document is already in use, by using the “require access” functionality.
Available from today, myBIG's Priority Users functionality will be a valuable asset for large organisations in the building and construction industry in Australia. It enables organisations to save money by providing all plan users with access to important documents, while ensuring priority access to critical employees, without incurring any extra expenses. By doing so, organisations can increase efficiency, reduce delays, and ultimately achieve better outcomes for their projects.
Smaller organisations will continue to get the value and advantages of their Small Business Set subscriptions by using ‘named users’ for their add-on pack subscriptions.

For further information, see our Platinum subscription plan, or for custom Subscriptions please contact us for a quote.

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