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Read documents on BIG

Learn about the DocViewer, Item page, VIEW tab, INFO tab, and Related Links.

1. Click on the document you want to read and it will open in the DocViewer.

document viewer

2. Every document in BIG has its own item page. Every item page has a VIEW tab and an INFO tab.
3. The VIEW tab displays the document in the DocViewer.
View tab

4. The INFO tab shows the publishing details of the item, the item's status (i.e.: current, or superseded, etc.), description and scope, and also includes documents, if any, it supersedes or is superseded by.
info tab

5. You will find links to Related Items in many areas of the site. An example of this may be found in the DocViewer on the INFO tab.
realted items

6. To access resources linked in the DocViewer, locate the link in the document (in the image below, the link is in italics and light blue). Click to be directed to the page.
access resources

7. On a mobile device, locate the link in the document, below it’s in italics and in light blue. Tap to be directed to the page.
resources mobile