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The Sustainable Builder

The Sustainable Builder Course


Product Description

Sustainability is about managing for today while looking after the interests of tomorrow. As well as being an environmental strategy, it also has the commercial, health and financial component. There are benefits in sustainability for the builder, the client and the environment.

The Sustainable Builder course explores sustainable solutions in construction that also give you value for money. It is ideal for builders, aspiring builders, and those working in renovations.

The Sustainable Builder course consists of many interesting topics, including:

  • Sustainable construction and how can it help save significant cost on the day to day running of a home or business
  • Passive design for energy efficiency in housing, so that the building stays warm in winter and cool in summer without mechanical heating or cooling
  • The practical gathering and use of energy
  • The use of and protection of water
  • Management of sediment and waste on building sites

With additional focus being included in the National Construction Code about sustainable building solutions, it is imperative that you understand what is involved and make your building business a sustainable one.

Do you need help with selling the benefits of sustainable building solutions to your clients?

Gain the confidence you need to sell sustainable building solutions with this new online course Selling Sustainability

Course Information

You will get access and instructions to the course within 2 business days of your purchase.

This is a 4 hour online lesson that needs to be completed within 4 weeks. If it is not completed within 4 weeks of receiving the online access you will be cancelled and no refund will be issued.

You can complete the course on laptop or computer anytime.

Licensed builders in NSW will receive 4 CPD point for completing this course.